Mar 9, 2023

Case Study: Airwavz

How we partnered with Airwavz to streamline their financial reporting processes

Case Study: Airwavz

The first of our case study series features Airwavz, one of our earliest clients!

About the company

Airwavz Solutions is a telecommunications infrastructure company providing innovative in-building wireless solutions to both the commercial real estate industry and the major wireless carriers to resolve surging in-building wireless demand. Airwavz designs, installs, and operates 5G-ready fiber backbone wireless infrastructure as a service for building owners and enterprise customers. The company is based in Charlotte NC, was founded in 2013 and already has over 80 million square feet in agreement and growing.

About the team

The company’s Finance/Accounting function is led by Shawn Kocher, who was recently voted as one of the nominees by the Charlotte Business Journal as CFO of the Year. Jason Morsch, VP is the Controller, who runs much of the day-to-day financial reporting. Shawn was one of the very first users on the Genius Sheets platform and had been looking for a similar solution for years that allowed him to connect his Excel models directly to QuickBooks Online.

Prior to implementing Genius Sheets

The team was spending hours every month copying and pasting data from their Excel files across departments. Additionally, every time the data changed it required a new export into all the different files. Not to mention if any historical data had changed they would restart the process. One of the challenges had been that the different department based financial reports they built were customized, meaning that making sure data was up to date in all the different places was a large pain point. This took away from the time they were able to spend dissecting and analyzing the data

Benefits using Genius Sheets

Let's hear what Jason had to say -

"With Genius Sheets fully integrated across our reports it has allowed us to quickly refresh our reporting with one click. Additionally, we can now finally quickly build spreadsheet controls within our numerous files. Genius Sheets saves us several hours a month in manual processes, allowing us to focus more on review/analysis than preparation."

As an organization Airwavz has been able to streamline their processes and add layers of insights that previously were impractical due to lengthy processes and team bandwidth.

If you are interested in saving time like Airwavz and enhancing your financial reporting sign up for a free trial or book a demo today!

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