Dec 13, 2022

How You Can Stand Out To Find Clients

By targeting clients of any geography you can stand out as an advisor and grow your business

How You Can Stand Out To Find Clients

How you can stand out to find clients

Historically QuickBooks has allowed companies to search for Pro Advisors by Geography, but now in a virtual world, their advisors can be located anywhere. When looking for an advisor to help understand the financials, clients are looking for someone to help them make more money and understand how their decisions impact the bottom line.

That allows you to help ANY company ANYWHERE with your services.

BUT that also means you are no longer competing against advisors in your location, but now competing with everyone.

For companies looking to bring on a bookkeeper, advisor, or fractional CFO this means they have a lot of options of people and firms they can choose from

To stand out from the crowd you need to show off why YOU are the best choice for them.

How to stand out

Content - If you have a strong social media presence or blog, potential clients can find you and decide they want to hire you based on the content you have created.

Referrals - This is a big one! Existing clients know lots of other companies, and if you are doing a great job for them, they won’t hesitate to refer you.

Subject Matter Expertise - If potential clients see you have a specialization and are an expert they will hire you. For example, if you have specialized in helping non-profits for the last 30 years and can showcase that on your website, the sale will make itself. This is true for other industries or business models as well! Have a ton of expertise helping law firms? Showcase it! Worked with every type of restaurant you can imagine - highlight that!

A big opportunity exists to help advisors and CFOs stand out online and showcase their specific expertise.

This is what we are hoping to accomplish with our Advisor Template marketplace. Advisors can be featured on our marketplace filterable by the industry or business model types that they support and can showcase financial models or dashboard templates they have built for clients. No longer limited by geography, our idea is to allow companies to find and hire Advisors by their specific levels and type of expertise! If you know any advisors or CFOs looking to expand their client base, have them shoot us a note!

This is our first step in connecting companies to Advisors and CFOs specific to their needs.

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